They are giving all they have to save Europe.

With climate change, weather extremes in Europe are becoming more frequent and more severe. Storms, floods and heat waves rob people of their livelihoods, jobs and lives as they knew them. These extremes cause suffering and destruction — and leave us with a wake-up call: HEROPEANS do not give up after witnessing a climate catastrophe. They take their fate into their own hands. And they fight to protect their homes.

“HEROPEANS – The People’s Fight Against Climate Disasters” tells the story of people in Europe who do not lose hope but take action. During the climate crisis, they become heroes:

A city planner from Ahrweiler, Germany, rebuilds her home on stilts after floods earlier this year destroyed her old house. She now creates a vision for a flood-resilient Ahrtal region.

A football team on the Greek island Evia shielded villages and nature from wildfires this summer. The team is getting ready to protect the region — and its football pitch — again if necessary.

A former Icelandic fisherman now works on a climate-neutral fish farm together with his wife as sea temperatures continue to rise.

These are only a few examples of inspiring initiatives.


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The flood in Germany destroyed their house. Now Mr. and Mrs. Stüßer are rebuilding it on stilts.



The south of Spain is dying of thirst. This inventor makes water in the desert.



Forest fires surrounded their football field. But one team fought the flames.



The sea around Iceland heats up. Avalanches killed residents. Now fishermen become sustainable.



In Romania’s desert, the ground is as dry as dust. Alexandru (80) fights the effects of climate change and communism.



Her village in Portugal was surrounded by flames. Now teacher María (40) is replacing fire-prone trees with fire-resistant ones.



Reindeer in Norway are starving. The shepherds are fighting for their herd.


Anyone can be a HEROPEAN

These societal heroes are fighting the escalating global climate crisis on their own doorsteps. Whether disaster prevention or climate-friendly living — every step counts.

Why are you a HEROPEAN?