Political leaders pay tribute to HEROPEANS’ contribution to society. They hope that these heroic stories will be watched by many. But individuals cannot tackle climate change and natural disaster prevention on their own. That is why these leaders want to work on better policies in the future. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow should be a start.

Voice 1

Frans Timmermans

The Vice President of the European Commission was impressed by the HEROPEANS and very inspired. He made a big promise for future policies.

Voice 2

German lawmakers

Tabea Rößner, Rasmus Andresen und Wiebke Winter consider the HEROPEANS as huge role models. They hope for those characters to be influential.

Frans Timmermans (SPE)

Vice-President of the European Commission

„These role models are incredibly important. Their ability to adapt, their resilience, their optimism – that is an inspiration to us all, especially to us politicians. I hope that many people will watch these stories. They should see that these are people like you and me. And if these people can do that, then I can do it too. I hope that this serves as an inspiration. And then? I will make a promise: We will make sure that we design the right policies.“

Tabea Rößner (Green Party)

Member of the German Bundestag

„HEROPEANS are role models. They show what’s possible. Most importantly, they show that it is important to do something across Europe and that the climate crisis is palpable Europe-wide and that a lot is possible if you want it.“

Wiebke Winter (CDU)

Member of the Federal Executive Board of the CDU

„These people show that everybody can do something small. They make lemonade out of a lemon. They think about what they can do to be safe and to make the best out of the situation.“

Rasmus Andresen (Green Party)

Member of the European Parliament

„In general we cannot fight the climate crisis if people are not involved. What they do gives us hope, despite the difficult situation the people are in.“